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The Cablofil range has been tested in installations of all sizes - from the light version in small commercial buildings to extra heavy duty installations in the industry such as shipbuilding. Cablofil steel wire cable tray is supplied in straight lengths from which sophisticated installations can be created without the need for additional fittings. Simply cut and shape lengths to form bends, tees, crosspieces etc. and secure quickly and easily using a range of ‘slot and tab’ fixings that do not require nuts and bolts.

Vast range of supports for wall, ceiling and floor mounting
Save on installation time with Cablofil’s fast fix brackets
Eradicate the need for nuts and bolts with Cablofil’s ‘slot and tab’ boltless system
Straight lengths available with pre-fitted couplers for rapid connection
Natural ventilation provides greater cable efficiency
Available in several finishes to suit different installation requirements


The new Fasclic Auto range of 54 mm deep steel wire cable tray is supplied complete with pre-fitted couplers for quick and easy connection of straight lengths. Lengths simply click together without the need for additional fasteners.


The simple answer to fabricating fittings on site. Create radius bends and reducers in minutes with Faslock Auto. No additional fasteners (or fuss) required.



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