Valena Life/Allure with Netatmo

Valena Life/Allure with Netatmo


With Valena™ Life/Allure with Netatmo, it's child's play to network your customers' homes. Offer your customers a wide variety of models and designs and at the same time the possibility to upgrade their installation with intelligent solutions using smartphones, voice control or scenario programming.

Your arguments for the end user

Make your home safer

Lock your house with one touch and simulate your presence when you are not at home. Be informed about any unusual activity via smartphone.

Consume less electricity

Control your energy consumption without thinking about it and save energy and money - day after day.

Tell your house what to do

From now on your house will listen to your voice. Just tell Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant to turn on your lights, adjust your heating, secure your house...

Increase your independence

Increase your comfort and independence in your home. Control your lighting, thermostat, shading and household appliances by voice command or on the move, using a tablet or smartphone.

Installation and programming - without much effort, very simple.


Easy installation

Even in existing systems, you can easily replace standard sockets and switches with networked products. There are no unsightly holes and no additional cabling. Thanks to special adhesive strips that allow repositioning elsewhere, you can attach the radio wall transmitters wherever your customer wants. The installation of the devices is carried out in the shortest possible time by you or the customer using the app "Home + Control" via smartphone or tablet.


Easy to use

Your customers control lighting, heating, shutters...all functions individually or simultaneously with one touch or voice command. The possibilities are endless. Controlling the temperature separately with the smartphone, dimming the lighting by voice command - all these possibilities and wishes can be fulfilled by your customer very easily.

Easy control

Demonstrate to your customers how to control the entire house - whether at the touch of a button or voice command. Set the alarm so that your customer is informed by smartphone or tablet in case of a power failure or excessive energy consumption !

"Alexa, roll down the blind! Siri, lights on!" This is how your customers operate your light or the connected roller shutters via the usual voice assistance systems or at the touch of a button or via smartphone & tablet. Whatever your customer prefers !

  • Speak
  • Wipe
  • Press


Ask your customers if they want to use a language system and which language system they prefer: Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri.


Set as a service of the Home + Control app with the most necessary scenarios : leaving home, waking up, going to sleep.


Mount the radio switch exactly where the customer needs it.

The most important economic arguments for your customers !
Herewith you convince your customers to decide for an intelligent plant !

  • INVESTIGATE LESS: It has never been so easy to create a networked home automation system. The starter package and each additional product or extension package can be installed individually and integrated just as easily. Valena™ Life/Allure with Netatmo works worldwide with the most important brands and platforms - such as Apple HomeKit, Google-Home, Amazon Echo, Somfy, Bubendorff, Netatmo or IFTTT. This allows you to easily integrate third-party products into your system and increase functionality.  
  • SAVE MUCH: Improve your comfort, even while saving energy. The "Home + Control" app gives you a detailed overview of your energy consumption, both at a specific time and over a longer period of time. For a specific luminaire as well as for a household appliance or for all electricity consumers together. These details help you to optimise energy saving.



  • STARTER PACKAGE: Serves as a basis for creating a networked installation, which enables the control and monitoring of the electrical installation via the smartphone. The desired individual products or the practical expansion package can of course also be used to expand the system.  
  • EXPANSION PACKAGE: For expanding the starter package - contains the products for creating a wireless switch-over circuit. Of course, the necessary individual products can also be used.

Starter package

Extension package

Setting up and controlling your home automation becomes child's play

Simply replace standard sockets and switches in your project with networked products. The devices are installed using the free "Home + Control" app with smartphone, tablet or PC. The new sockets and switches connect you or your customer to the router via WLAN. Once networked, all networked devices can be controlled by fingertip, keystroke or via Alexa, Siri & Co.

Valena Life With Netatmo works with the most important brands and platforms, such as: Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Echo, Somfy, Bubendorff, Netatmo.

Installation is easier, more flexible and cheaper than ever before

With Valena™ Life/Allure with NETATMO, every conventional electrical installation is transformed into a radio-controlled home automation system via radio and cloud. You simply replace the present switch with networked components from Valena™ Life/Allure with NETATMO.

Your customers can expand their home automation system step by step and flexibly network new devices, also from third parties!

Check out the product characteristics in our online catalog:

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  • Resources

    • How do I set up my "Google Assistant" to control connected products in my home?
      If you have a Google Home speaker, you can set this up via your "Google Home" application available on iPhone and Android. For more information, you can consult the following page on the Google Support website. do not have a speaker, all you have to do is download the "Google Assistant" application on your smartphone, available in the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. Firstly, you must ensure that your "...with Netatmo" installation is properly connected to the Internet. You can verify this by checking that your connected installation is accessible from the Home + Control App.Take the following steps:1- Launch your "Google Assistant" application and select the blue button at the top right-hand corner of the page.2- Go to settings and select "Home Control" in the list of services.3- Click on "Add devices" and select the "Home + Control" service.4- Enter the email address and password of your Legrand - Netatmo - Bticino account, select "Connect". After synchronising, the list of switches configured in Home + Control is displayed.5- You can now, if you wish, pair each connected product to a room. Select the pen icon to modify each product.6- Select a room on the list or personalise a new one.7- Repeat the operation until all products in your installation are paired to a room.Your Google Assistant is configured, you can now control your lights, your roller shutters and electrical appliances using voice control.
    • How do I manage my Home + Control rooms in Amazon Alexa?
      Amazon Alexa does not take account of rooms you've created in Home + Control.If you want to control several products in the same room (e.g. living room lights) or group a set of products under a single name (e.g. ground-floor lights), you can create command "groups":go to the Amazon Alexa application settings, select "Connected home", then "Groups", "Add group", then follow the instructions in the Amazon Alexa application.
    • Can I use my customized scenarios in the Home + Control App with Google Assistant?
      Yes, your customized scenarios can be accessed immediately from Google Assistant, you do not need to create them again. For example, you only have to say "OK Google, activate the Sleep scenario", for example, and all the lights in your home will turn off.
    • I cannot see products in the rooms during the configuration from the Home + Control App and the guided products installation. What should I do?
      Check that the configuration mode is no longer activated: the indicator lights on the wired products must be off. If this is not the case, press and hold the center of the master switch briefly then release. The indicator lights on the wired products will turn off. Make sure that the gateway power outlet or the gateway module is correctly powered and that your smartphone has an adequate Wi-Fi signal. Then click on "try again" on the pop-up error message that appears. If the signal quality is poor, you may be able to see a product after up to 10 seconds. If you still have trouble, you will be able to place the products manually later, from the App settings, by selecting "Manage my home", "Products not placed".
    • How can I control my "… with Netatmo" products using voice control with Google Assistant?
      You need to use the correct words in order to control your connected "… with Netatmo" products using voice control with Google Assistant.You can find a non-exhaustive list below:1- For your connected lightsTo turn on/turn off a light => say "Ok Google, turn on ".To turn on/turn off a room => say "Ok Google, turn on ".To turn on/turn off all lights => say "Ok Google, turn on all of the lights".To brighten a light => say "Ok Google, brighten the light (*)".To set a light brightness to a certain percentage => say "Ok Google, set to 50%(*)".….(*) => Only when the dimmer feature is activated. See the FAQ "How does the dimmer option on my light switch work?".2- For your connected power outletsTo turn on/turn off power outlets => say "Ok Google, turn on ".….3- For your custom scenariosTo activate the scenario=> say "Ok Google, activate the [Scenario name]".To enhance your experience, we advise you to go to the Google Support site.
    • Can I download my consumption tracking data in order to analyse it?
      It is possible to download your consumption tracking data for detailed analysis using the Home + Control Web application settings:
    • How many different homes can I control with my account in the Home + Control App?
      The Home + Control App allows you to control as many homes as you wish from one single accout. To control an existing connected installation, you just need to ask an existing user to invite you. Once you are invited in a home, you get the same access rights than the person who invited you.To set up a new installation, just go in your Home + Control App settings and select "Install a new home".
    • I have added a product to my "… with Netatmo" installation, it doesn't appear in my Google Assistant.
      To synchronize your new Home + Control home products, say to your Google Home speaker "Ok Google, synchronize my products", or scroll down the home page of the Google Home App to force the update. Your new products should now be available. If this does not work, follow these 2 steps:1- Remove the Legrand Home + Control service: see the FAQ "How can I remove access to my"… with Netatmo" installation in my Google Assistant?".2- Create the Legrand Home + Control service again: see the FAQ "How do I configure my "Google Assistant" to control connected products in my home?"
    • I cannot install a new home in the Home + Control App. What should I do?
      Force the Home + Control App to close and make sure it no longer works in the background.Turn off the power of the gateway power outlet / module during 10 seconds, then turn it on again.Open the Home + Control App, select ‘’install a new home’’ and launch the configuration mode again. Check that the gateway power outlet / module indicator briefly lights up in green when pressing the centre of the Home/Away master switch or the gateway module button, and follow the instructions.
    • Can I use my custom scenarios from the Home + Control App with Amazon Alexa?
      Yes, your custom scenarios are immediately available via the Amazon Alexa application, there's no need to set them up again. For example, you just have to say "Alexa, activate Sleep" and all the lights in your home turn off.
    • I added my product in my "... with Netatmo" installation but it doesn't appear in Amazon Alexa App. What should I do?
      Amazon Alexa doesn't automatically synchronise its data with your connected system's data.To be able to voice-control newly-added products, you need to open the Amazon Alexa App:1. in the main menu, select "Connected home"2. then "Add product" to relaunch product detectionThe new products are now available in your Amazon Alexa App
    • How do I add a product to my existing installation?
      To add a new "...with Netatmo" connected product to an existing installation, go to Home + Control App settings and launch the "Add a product" installation guide
    • How can I voice control my "... with Netatmo" products with Amazon Alexa?
      Voice command of your "... with Netatmo" by Amazon Alexa connected light switches and power outlets requires the use of the right words.Below you'll find a non-exhaustive list:Product commandsPower outlets and lights"Alexa, turn on the coffee machine""Alexa, turn off the camera""Alexa, set the light brightness to 30%"Room commands"Alexa, turn on the kitchen""Alexa, turn off the kitchen"Scenario commands"Alexa, activate Away""Alexa, activate Sleep"For further information, we recommend you visit the Amazon site.
    • Can I control several "... with Netatmo" connected installations with Amazon Alexa?
      If you have several "... with Netatmo" connected installations paired to the same Legrand - Netatmo - Bticino user account, all the connected products of your systems will be accessible via Amazon Alexa without distinguishing between your systems.If you want to individually control a "... with Netatmo" connected installation via Amazon Alexa, you need to pair a Legrand - Netatmo - Bticino user account that is linked only to this system.Via the Home + Control App, you need to:Either create a new Legrand - Netatmo - Bticino user account that will be paired only to this system.Go into the settings of the Home + Control App, create a new account (new e-mail address) and share this connected system. Or remove access to other systems paired to this account and keep only the system that you want to control with Amazon Alexa.In the App, select the home that you want to remove: in settings, select "Guest management", then delete the account by selecting the paired e-mail address.
    • How can I pair Home + Control to my Amazon Alexa?
      You need to have an Amazon product (speaker from the Amazon Echo range or any other Amazon Alexa-compatible device), set up and connected to the Internet. For further information, you can check out the tutorials available on the Amazon site.You need to download the Amazon Alexa application available on your App Store or Play Store.To pair Home + Control to your Amazon Alexa, follow the following instructions in the Amazon Alexa App:in the application settings, select "Skills"use the search engine to find the application "Home + Control" and select itactivate the application and fill in your Legrand account login detailsonce you have successfully paired your account, click on "detect devices"you can detect your devices at any time: in settings, select "connected home" and add a deviceAll the connected products in your home are now available and you can control them with your Amazon Echo speaker
    • What are the prerequisites before starting a "...with Netatmo" connected installation?
      To start "… with Netatmo" connected installation, you will need to: - have a Wi-Fi connection via your Internet router - have an iPhone or iPad with one of the two latest iOS versions or a smartphone which is compatible with Android 5.0 minimum - install the "...with Netatmo" connected starter pack (either with a gateway power outlet or a gateway module) - download the free Home + Control mobile application which will enable you to configure and control your "... with Netatmo" connected installation
    • How many "...with Netatmo" products can I control in the same installation?
      You can control up to 100 "...with Netatmo" wired products and wireless switches in an installation.If your installation also includes Somfy iO & RTS connected roller shutters (with Tahoma/Connexoon), Bubendorff radio roller shutters (via iDiamant with Netatmo connexion module), or Smarther with Netatmo thermostat, those products are not included your installation products limit.
    • I was in configuration mode and the indicator lights on the wired products, which were on in continuous green, just switched off. What should I do?
      The indicator lights on the wired products are on in continuous green for the entire duration of the configuration mode. They switch off when the configuration mode automatically ends after 15 minutes. In order to relaunch the configuration mode, press the middle of the button on the Home / Away wireless master switch or the configuration button on the front of the gateway module, until its indicator light briefly lights up green, then release. The indicator lights on the wired products light up in continuous green. You can continue with your installation.
    • Are "...with Netatmo" products and the Home + Control App compatible with an existing MyHOME or MyHomePlay installation?
      No, "...with Netatmo" products and the Home + Control App are not compatible with the MyHome & MyHomePlay systems. For any advice about an extension or replacement, please contact the Consumer Service Department or Customer Relations Department on your local Legrand website.
    • How is the cost of the monthly consumption monitoring calculated?
      The Home + Control App indicates an estimated cost of your lighting and electrical appliances consumption in your local currency. This estimated cost is based on the average cost of a kWh applicable in your country.
    • I moved a wired "...with Netatmo" product from a room to another one. How do I change its location in the App?
      In the Home + Control App, go to settings and select "Manage my home", choose the product that you want to move into another room and click on "Move this product in another room" and follow the instructions in the App.
    • How do I install "...with Netatmo" products?
      The flush-mounted products from "...with Netatmo" ranges can be easily installed to replace standard power outlets and switches, in standard depth (40mm) flush-mounted boxes. The modules for electrical panel can be easily installed in any standard DIN panelboard, as a new set-up, or to replace existing standard modules. Wireless switches can be attached to the wall using the removable stickers provided. To proceed with the installation, please follow the wiring instructions in the product installation instructions (downloadable from your local Legrand website).
    • How can I remove access to "… with Netatmo" installation in my Google Assistant?
      To remove your "… with Netatmo" connected installation from your Google Assistant, you have to remove the "Home + Control" service. Take the following steps:1- Launch your "Google Assistant" application and select the blue button at the top right-hand corner of the page.2- Go to settings and select "Home Control" in the list of services.3- Select "Manage accounts" from the menu at the top right-hand corner of the page.4- Select the associated "Home + Control" services and select "unlink account".5- Confirm by selecting "Unlink" one more time.Your "… with Netatmo" connected installation can no longer be accessed by your Google Assistant.
    • How can I remove access to my "… with Netatmo" installation in Amazon Alexa application?
      We recommend you use the Alexa web app ( to remove your access to your "... with Netatmo" connected home.Follow the following instructions:1 - in the main menu, select "Skills",2 - select "Legrand Home + Control" and click on "deactivate skill",3 - in the main menu, select "Connected home" and click on "Forget" device by device or otherwise "Forget all" (N.B. all your Legrand or other brand products linked to Amazon Alexa will be forgotten).Your access to the connected home via Amazon Alexa is removed
    • Which voice assistants are compatible with my "… with Netatmo" connected products?
      You can control with your voice your "… with Netatmo" connected products with: Google Assistant Siri from Apple Amazon Alexa (except for roller shutters) Yandex Alissa
    • How do I activate and deactivate the LEDs on my "...with Netatmo" power outlets and switches?
      In the Home + Control App, go to settings and select "Manage my home", then: Choose the switch where you want to enable/disable the"locate easily this switch in the dark" option, and/or "locate when a light is on" option Choose the power outlet where you want to enable/disable the "identify easily when this outlet is activated" option.
    • Is the "… with Netatmo" solution compatible with all roller shutters on the market?
      The "...with Netatmo" solution is compatible with roller shutters with a mechanical or electromechanical stop, controlled by a standard wired switch for roller shutters. Important , you must be able to connect the neutral. You can also control from your Home+ Control App, Somfy iO & RTS connected roller shutters (with Tahoma/Connexxoon box) or Bubendorff radio roller shutters (via iDiamant with Netatmo gateway).
    • Are the different "…with Netatmo" smart products ranges able to work together in my Home + Control App?
      The products in the "… with Netatmo" connected ranges (switches and power outlets, wireless switches, modules for electrical panel, etc) are compatible with each other and can all be controlled via the Home + Control App.We remind you that only one gateway power outlet or gateway module is required per home.
    • How my "… with Netatmo" connected installation data is used?
      The "...with Netatmo" solution complies with the current European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) regulation. You can check the data privacy policy in your Home + Control App settings, "My account" section, "Legal Information".
    • If there is a power cut or Internet outage, will my "...with Netatmo" installation still work?
      In the event of a power cut, connected "...with Netatmo" power outlets, switches, and modules for electrical panel no longer function, like conventional unconnected power outlets and switches. However, the products are designed to function again as soon as the power comes back on, and go back to the state they were in before the power cut. Please note that the gateway power outlet / module can take a few minutes to reconnect to the Internet and be accessible again via the application.If you are cut off from the Internet, your connected products will still work locally, as well as battery powered products.However, you will not be able to control your installation via the Home + Control App or change the settings. The Home App from Apple remains operational as long as the local connection to the Router is maintained. You will automatically find all the features as soon as the Internet connection comes back on. Please note that the gateway power outlet / module may take a few minutes to reconnect.
    • I cannot bind a wireless switch with a wired product. What should I do?
      Check that the indicator light on the wired product is a continuous green to indicate that the installation is in configuration mode. If this is not the case, start the configuration mode by pressing the gateway module mainbutton or the middle of the Home / Away wireless master switch until its indicator light briefly turns green, and then turns off. If the wireless switch does not flash blue during the binding procedure :Ensure that you have correctly removed the battery’s protective strip to power the wireless switch. Then press the wireless switch to activate it. Finally, repeat the pairing process: hold your finger down on the button on the wireless switch you want to pair, quickly tapping three times with this wireless switch on the corner of the wired product that you want to control.If you wish to bind a wireless switch with a smart module for electrical panel, do not forget to press the module main button during 3 seconds, until it flashes blue, before tapping your wireless switch.
    • Can I control several "… with Netatmo" installations with my Google Assistant?
      In the event that you have several "… with Netatmo" connected installations paired to the same Legrand - Netatmo - Bticino user account, all of your installations connected switches and power outlets can be accessed from Google Assistant without differentiating between your installations.If you want to control a "… with Netatmo" connected installation individually with Google Assistant, you must pair the Google Assistant with a Legrand - Netatmo - Bticino user account that is only linked to this installation.From the Home + Control App, you must:Either create a new Legrand - Netatmo - Bticino user account that will only be paired to this installation. Go to settings in the Home + Control App and invite yourself to share this connected installation on another Legrand - Netatmo - Bticino account with an address that is not currently used. See the FAQ "How can I share my access to the installation with other users?".Or remove access to the other installations paired to this account and only keep the installation that you want to control with Google Assistant. Select the home in the App that you want to remove and in settings, select "Manage my guests", then remove the account by tapping on the corresponding cross next to the linked email address.
    • How can I authorise Apple "Home" to access Home + Control data?
      On your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, go to settings> scroll down the menu and select Home + Control> allow access to data.
    • How accurate is the measurement of consumption given in the Home + Control App?
      The Home + Control App displays the consumption of your connected wired products. The power outlets, cable oulets, contactors and latching relays measure consumption with an accuracy of +/- 5%. The consumption displayed for micromodules and light switches is an estimate based on the power of the bulb, that you can fill in the Home + Control App.Go in the App settings,select the room and the switch, then fill in the "Power of the lightbulb" value.
    • A product appears as "unreachable" in the App. What can I do?
      A product appears as "unreachable" in the App when it no longer communicates with the gateway power outlet / module.When a product appears as unreachableSwitch the product off and on againCheck it properly works locallyCheck if the distance between this product and the closest one does not exceed 10 meters. It the distance is too important, we recommand to add a product in between (ex : a mobile power outlet)Check if new electrical devices disturb the radio signal​​