Energy metering (IME)

Energy metering (IME)

We are faced with an absolute necessity to manage this resource and to respect the impact on the environment.
It seems essential that its use and quality be carefully monitored and distributed.
It is for this future that we are working on the development of measuring instruments that ensure effective management and monitoring, using appropriate technology that combines performance and quality.


The IME range of dataloggers allows the monitoring, control and management of any single-phase or three-phase electrical installation on LV and MV networks.

Three families make up the standard offer:

  • The Nemo 72 series in 72 x 72 flush-mounted format.
  • The Nemo 96 series in 96 x 96 recessed format
  • The Nemo D4 series in modular format



IME offers a family of energy meters that provide the user with a range of solutions to the problems of measuring and consuming electrical energy. The range is composed of models for single-phase or three-phase networks, balanced or unbalanced, either direct input or connected to current/voltage transformers. The presence of a pulse emitter output, a JBUS-MODBUS, M-BUS or Ethernet output facilitates the interface with centralized data collection systems.

Two families make up the standard offer :

  • The modular series in 1, 2, 4 or 6 module format
  • The recessed series in 72 x 72 and 96 x 96 format


An absolute novelty is the Conto D6, an energy meter with direct power supply of 125 A in only 6 TE (103mm).
It has a backlit display with 3 lines.
The pulse output and RS485 communication (optional) complete the equipment of the device.


The DELTA range of earth leakage relays (modular and flush-mounted) combined with LED toroidal transformers is designed to protect people and property, while ensuring continuity of service in the installation.  The voltage or current measuring relays can be used for DC and AC voltages or for DC and AC currents. The connection is made directly or by means of current or voltage transformers. In addition, the EMI offers limit value relays for three-phase networks (three-phase monitoring) which monitor phase failure, asymmetry and phase sequence. In addition, insulation relays are offered for measuring insulation resistance. There are two applications here: on the one hand, there is the isolation relay for industrial use and, on the other hand, for hospital use (requirements for isolation transformers for the supply of medical premises EN/IEC 61558-2-15).



TEMA measuring transducers are suitable for DIN rail mounting. They convert the input variables (alternating current, alternating voltage, direct current, direct voltage) or the calculated measured values derived from them (power P, Q, S, Hz, etc.) into proportional analog outputs.  Often, the analog outputs are then transmitted to programmable logic controllers (PLCs) or can be displayed on site in digital or analog form.
The connection is made directly or by means of current or voltage transformers.

The industrial design promises compactness, precision, reliability and electromagnetic compatibility.
Without any functional limitations, the devices can be used under the most severe industrial conditions.


For measuring single-phase alternating current, direct current or pulsating direct current.


Digital indicators are offered in a wide range :
 For flush mounting, for DIN-rail mounting, in different sizes, with or without limit switches, for alternating current / alternating voltage / direct current / direct voltage / direct voltage / temperature / analog inputs, with/without RS485 MBUS/MODBUS communication, with freely programmable input and all this with a display up to 5 digits (max. display: -99999... 9999999).


In addition to digital indicators, we offer a wide range of analog indicators.  Whether it is alternating current, alternating voltage, direct current, direct voltage, frequency, active power, reactive power or power factor, we have almost every solution.


Measuring CTs - Protective CTs - Summing CTs - Measuring TTs - Protective CTs - Three-phase CTs -short circuit - shunts.

The transformers composing the IME range deliver to the secondary a current proportional to the primary current (1 A or 5 A) and adapted to the rating of the associated device.

The IME offer allows the measurement of currents from 1 to 8000 A.

Current transformers are required to transform high alternating currents into an isolated galvanic current of 5 A or 1 A DC.
There is phase equivalence and proportionality between primary and secondary currents.
The IME product range includes low-voltage transformers for almost all applications.

  • Current transformers
  • Plug-in current transformers with primary currents up to 8000 A
  • Winding current transformers with primary currents from 1 A to 600 A
  • Sum current transformers with up to 9 primary circuits
  • Certified Current Transformers
  • Current transformers for safety edges, intermediate current transformers, separable current transformers, tubular busbar transformers
  • Voltage Transformers
  • Voltage transformers with primary voltage up to 1000 V